An Innovative Trading Tool 

Our VC Futures Price Momentum Indicator Trading Systems were designed to do everything for you. Our models incorporate  Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, Vedic and Western Mathematical principles to monitor cycles and identify volatility, momentum and patterns.

It has taken years of back and forth-testing to verify the accuracy and consistency on our systems. We are proud to finally be able to offer this truly remarkable trading tool to the financial community at large.

The algorithms offered by EMA can be customized for all global financial instruments. The results have indicated that they can be used to trade stocks, ETFs, futures,  options and FOREX with a high degree of accuracy.

Daily VC Price Indicators for gold, silver, crude oil, Russell 2000, stocks, ETFs and FOREX.

  • Weekly VC Price Indicator for gold and silver
  • Weekly VC Price Indicator for stocks, ETFs
  • Monthly VC Price Indicator for gold and silver
  • Monthly  VC Price Indicator for stocks, ETFs

The reports highlights tomorrow’s trading ranges for day and swing traders.

Daily Access to the LIVE Trading Room.